Supporting the Sierra Club through Donations and Membership

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Sierra Club

The CEO of Washakie Renewable Energy, Dr. Jacob Kingston holds a PhD in mechanical engineering from the University of Utah. Throughout his career, he has periodically taken jobs within the energy sector and been involved in mine safety, wind development, and renewable energies. To further help environment, Dr. Jacob Kingston also supports the Sierra Club.

Founded in 1892 by John Muir, the Sierra Club protects and explores the world’s natural resources, thanks to donations from its members and dedicated supporters. There are several ways interested individuals can support the organization, the simplest of which is by providing a one-time donation. These donations can be made online and in varying amounts. Donors can also set up recurring monthly donations. The Sierra Club puts 100 percent of donated funds toward supporting its work unless donors request a field messenger bag.

The Sierra Club also encourages donors to become members. Membership benefits include a free field messenger bag, a free one-year subscription to Sierra Magazine, and various eco-travel opportunities. Furthermore, members receive discounts on Sierra Club merchandise. There are several different levels of membership, ranging from $15 to $250. Lifetime memberships are also available at $1,000 for a single membership or $1,250 for a joint membership.